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The Zebrafish Embryonic Genotyper (ZEG) is a microfluidic system that extracts genetic material from live zebrafish embryos within a few days of their birth. The genetic material is then collected for subsequent DNA amplification & detection.
Benefits of ZEG:

  • Rapid detection, 96 embryos in an hour

  • Live genotyping of embryos that can be raised to adulthood

  • Does not require investment in training skilled personnel or purchasing expensive capital equipment

  • Offers a significant savings of time and money

  • Makes possible experiments and screening strategies that are not possible with existing technology


ZEG Chips are modified glass slides with 24 wells each that can process a single embryo per well. They are disposable, single use chips. Chips are sold in packs of 6 at $60 per pack. Quantity discounts are available.